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By J. Hill & Company.

About J. Hill & Company

Who are we?

We are a team of experts in all the coffee areas, with over more than 110 years of experience, world wide recognized for our best practices, quality in our processes, transparency, and innovation.

What we do?

We consult in any topic related to coffee from seeding all the way to shipping. We grow coffee hand hold with farmers supporting them and helping to improve production, quality, and sustainability. We process coffee under the best practices meeting our costumers standards and demands. And we export coffee all over the world.

How we do it?

Hard work all year round, operating under the highest quality and ethical standards. Experimenting with new practices and methods in order to continue improving and continue building our world wide recognition. Partnering with others who are as passionate for coffee as we are. Support for our people to grow their capacity, and investing in continue education and the best technology.

We are commited to quality. From the coffee we source, to the precision with which it is roasted and packaged, to our constant training and pursuit of knowledge.

Our History

James Hill

Born in England, arrived in El Salvador in the 19th centuary. From a very young age he realized that by introducing new techniques to the cultivation and processing of coffee, he could export coffee beans that met the highest international standards.

He began exporting coffee on his own account at the end of the 19th centuary and, shortly after, won a silver medal at the Pan-American Exposition in New York, 1901.

James Hill founded Las Tres Puertas in 1896, in Santa Ana town, located close Santa Ana’s Volcano whose slopes produce coffee beans of the highest quality. His vision in promoting new ideas and methods to coffee production in our country included the introduction of the Bourbon variety of Arabica coffee.

So great was his contribution to the art of growing, processing, and exporting coffee that, in May 1948 he was awarded with Diploma al merito Agricola cafetalero by the federacion cafetalera de centro America y mexico.

What We Offer

We offer consultant services in all related to coffee from the farms to the exporting.